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I was not the little girl who dreamed of a husband, 2.5 kids, a dog named Spot, and a white picket fence. Partially because I didn't see that growing up and I was determined to take over the world. I wasn't sure if I even wanted kids, but I married a man who wanted to be the Huxtables and his heart made me want to procreate in this crazy world. 


Together we made three babies, two live with us on this side of heaven and the other we only got to hold for a little bit of time before God called him home.  But our first son made me a mother, our last two made me a mom.

Mom is the doer of all, cleaner of boo-boos, the wiper of tears, negotiator, bank, and all things in between.

I think I am rocking this mom thing most days, but on other days I am just happy we are all alive. This mom shit is not easy.



A huge congrats to my kindred spirit and sister, Nicole Monique Ausmer for trusting your vision and bringing it to light! The Mommin' Ain't Easy stage show was a beautiful and gusty display of motherhood. The diversity of experiences and expression was captivating. It was an honor to serve! Congrats to all of the BAMs that shared their personal stories. You rocked! #MAECincy #LevelUp #CenterKidsRock #Disruptors

-Ewaniki Moore- Hawkins

Stage Crew 

Martina Ciers | Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins | Jordan Avant 
DJ: Daniel B.