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Lionell Ausmer 

Taurean J. Johnson 

The Ciers Family

The Wilson Family

Aniyah Williams

Taiwo Adeoye

Heather Milligan

The Shaw Family

Natalie Pflanzer

Monique Robinson

Nicole Ausmer

The Caldwell Family

Trina Robinson

Dr. Susie Mahoney

The Turner Crew

The Kirksey Family

The Taylor Family

Jocelyn Jones


Arin Gentry 

Morgan Simon

Rondalee Ausmer

Maleia C. Smith

Marcus Bethay

Celeste Alexander

Melanie Schefft

Kim Fulbright

Sarah Holahan

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Company/Organization Sponsors

Light of the World 

This is a place full of real people, with real situations, seeking Godly solutions.
We can't wait to meet you at one of our upcoming services.

Ladies of Leadership

We mentor with a purpose, changing one life at a time!

Seeley Test Pros

Seeley Test Pros works with students determined to maximize scores for high school, college, and graduate school admissions tests. 

Mary Wineberg

Are you ready to unlock your potential? Are you ready to accomplish your goals? Are you ready to Dream-Believe-Achieve-Conquer?

As Told By Foundation

is a nonprofit focused on closing the literacy gap by hosting book clubs, story time, and tutoring services to Black youth at no cost. We also provide new books featuring Black characters and stories to the local youth.

Huey’s Sons Accessories

Pro Black Accessories for the Modern Revolutionary

Walton + Brown, LLP.

Walton + Brown, LLP is focused on providing excellent legal service in the pursuit of justice. The firm is committed to giving our clients specialized attention with a focus on the details.

Ladies of Leadership-Oh Inc

Ladies of Leadership (L.O.L) is focused on building and enhancing leadership and interpersonal skills for inner-city girls ages 7yrs-18yrs in impoverished communities.

For A Blk Girl Podcast

Host B.Nicole talks about the societal microaggressions against Black women...the subtle shade we've all felt. The dialogue is educational and a little ratchet because life is all about balance.

WellArts Cincinnati

WellArts Cincinnati is where wellness and the arts meet to create a unique experience for artists BY artists. We offer private acting and voiceover coaching, group classes, masterclasses, and more!

Elyse So Powerful

The first book in the series is Always Believe in Yourself!, an inspiring and uplifting book with numerous positive affirmations for little ones.

Blacksites Marketing

Blacksites Marketing is your full-service Marketing Consultant.

Francés Jones Law

The Firm helps Diverse Visionary Founders & their Allies secure, build, maintain & monetize strong trademark brands and intellectual property for a variety of businesses, products, and services

Prominent Positioning

Mixing faith and action to help youth, young adults, and young at heart achieve spiritual, professional, and emotional goals.

Read2Children, LLC

More information coming soon!

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