Hey Black Child: The Podcast |  Season Three

Black and Grey Spinning Cool and Funky C

Episode 1


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Join Avery and Jackson as they share information about the early history of the Negro Leagues.

Special Guest: Josh Harrison


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Episode 4


Black History Year!

We love Black History Month, but an inclusive future would celebrate the contributions of Black Americans all year long. Join Avery and Jackson as they share the history of BHM!

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Astronaut in Space

Episode 7


To the Moon and Back!

Avery and Jackson explore Black first in outer space. 


With special guest, Chris Jelks, an aerospace engineer 

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Affirmation Poster

Episode 10


Safe Travels: The Green Book

Travel is a luxury that often brought on challenges for many Black Americans. Join Avery and Jackson as they learn about The Green Book.

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Episode 2


I'm Speaking: Celebrating VP Harris and The History of Blacks and their Quest for the White House

Avery and Jackson share information about the history of the inauguration and some big names who made a run for office.

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Jazz Festival Orange

Episode 5


Little Leaders!

Join Avery for a quick biography on Ella Fitzgerald from the book Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History. 

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Open For Business

Episode 8


Kid Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is taking off and is a really important aspect in closing the wealth gap between Black and White Americans. 
We wanted to spotlight some kid entrepreneurs that are doing big things! 

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Episode 3


When I Grow Up: What is a Pharmacist? 

Every season we will spotlight professions that have low numbers of Black people represented in the field. We kick this series off by exploring Pharmacy. 

Special Guest: Dr. Ryan Marable

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Traffic Lights

Episode 6


Little Legends!

Join Jackson for a quick biography on Garrett Morgan from the book Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History. 

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Affirmation Poster

Episode 9



Do you have daily affirmation rituals in your house? We do! Join Avery and Jackson as they share our family affirmations.

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