Six Gifts for Christmas

Let me start by saying we usually go overboard for Christmas. Gifts on top of gifts under the tree, and after 15 minutes of opening them, the bright light that flickered in their eyes dims a little as they realize there are no more gifts under the tree. It is not that they are ungrateful, but we have set the stage for expecting excesses. With COVID 19, I have read that some parents will buy everything that their little one asks for to make up for the time lost. Go for it! We are going to do the opposite. We are going to refocus and start thinking about intentional gift giving. They have everything they need, but the gift of gratitude is something that can go a long way in their life.

So enjoy this Christmas wish list that we made. How it works, each kid gets to put three gifts under each heading, and Mom, Dad, Santa, and Aussie the Elf will collectively select one item from each to gift them.

This year we are only getting each kid "Six Gifts" the traditional model has a four gift rule. We wanted to shake it up a little, so we added two options to pick a place to go and something to do. We know it is COVID time, and outside is kind of closed right now, but you can plan for the future. For example, Jackson asked to go to LEGOLAND in California umm not happening today, but we will buy him a Legos pack with a raincheck for LEGOLAND tickets in July of 2021 (Fingers Crossed). I know that it is a big gift, but we were supposed to go last year. But, because I am that mom, I will also make him write a LEGOLAND report, too (How many rides, what is the address, how long will a flight take, etc.) I know I have issues! LOL

Here are two options for you --six gifts that include somewhere to go!

Christmas Wish List
Download PDF • 1.93MB

And the six gift option that includes something to do! Your kid might struggle to come up with ideas, so help them. Both options have the list and a poem to explain to the kids.

Christmas Wish List_1
Download PDF • 1.94MB

Avery wants to start a slime business, and usually, I am onboard for business ideas, but slime! Anyways, I will still support the dream, and that is an experience she wants. Other ideas could be a photoshoot, pottery making class, or a cooking class. Think outside of the box and give them suggestions!


Some of you are also probably thinking, what does this Christmas List have to do with @hey_black_child_podcast? Well, a lot. We are going to do our best to buy gifts from Black-Owned companies. Not just for the kids, but for family and friends, too. I know we can't get every gift they want from a Black-Owned business, but we will do our best, and this includes stocking stuffers. Below is a list of a few places to support for your kiddos! Oh, and don't forget the wrapping paper! We found this great company that makes Black Santa paper!

P.S. Don't tell Jackson about LEGOLAND!

Stocking Stuffers

Sweet Tooth Lip Gloss for kids

Appropriate for any age group (whenever parents feel comfortable allowing their kids so wear lip gloss) - vegan and cruelty-free

Puzzle Huddle


Something to Wear

Not Ordinary appropriate for all kids.

AlishaLynn, LLC.

Lynnee Twins, LLC.

Ages infant- adult

Hair bows, shirts, jewelry, crochet, machine embroidery, apparel

The Handsome Prince


Something to Read

Always Believe in Yourself.

Elyse So Powerful

I Am Loved

I Didn't Win

Just Like Me Box

Other Suggestions

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Full book series


Something you Want

Backpack, Books, and Apparel

Other Suggestions

  • Guitar

  • Headphones

  • Phone (Depending on age)

  • Hot Wheels ID (Jackson is obsessed with this)


Something you Need

Brown Toy Box

Other Suggestions

  • Chair or desk in their room

  • Something to support a sport that they are participating in

  • A new bedding set

  • A laptop

  • A cheer bag

  • Tumble track

  • A new bedding


Places to go/Experiences

  • Fishing (Include grandparents for more memories)

  • Tickets to an amusement park

  • Legos with a note that says we are going to LEGOLAND July 2021

  • Tickets to the movies

  • Sporting event

  • Trampoline park

  • Camping/Glamping (If you are nervous about camping try it in your backyard first)

  • Cooking class

  • Photoshoot

  • Crafting Class


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