One Word Goal Setting

Do you set goals with your children? We have done it for years and it is always a little rough, and maybe a little over their heads, but I think we are setting the foundation for future goal setting.

This year we wanted to try something a little different. We wanted to try the one-word goal setting with the kids and it was a hit! Instead of asking the kids to process smart goals which most adults don't even understand. One word goal setting is a bite-sized way to get them thinking.

Goal setting with one word is not new, but it is becoming very trendy and growing in popularity over the past few years in the goal-setting world. I have picked a word for the last three years. The concept is simple, it involves creating just one word to guide your life during the course of the entire year. Yes, it's that simple. You simply choose one word and make that your focus for the year.

Kids working on one word goals
Kids working on one word goals.

I set it up in a 1,2,3 model that kids can understand.

Have them pick their word for the year. They might need a little help so we created a list of suggestions. There is a link at the bottom with a printable copy. This list is not complete by any means as I look back, I can think of a few additions to add like--

  • Listen

  • Achieve

  • Play

  • Practice

And so many more. Avery did not pick a word off the sample list, but Jackson did.

Step two is where it might getting challenging for them but don't skip this part. We want to teach kids to have a why behind their actions. If they can't put it into words, help them by sharing examples from your own life.

The final step is non - negotiable! You have to have some action steps towards your word. What will you do to make this word happen?

Below are free downloads! We will always provide free downloads! All we ask is that you tag us on IG @hey_black_child_podcast if you post anything.

We like to turn things into crafts around here! So each family member made a bracelet with their word on it. They turned out better than expected. May we all achieve the goals we set out to accomplish this year.

  • Avery (Imaginable)

  • Jackson (Dream)

  • Mom (Manifest)

  • Dad (Family)

List of Goal Words
Download PDF • 412KB
Goal Setting #1
Download PDF • 596KB
Goal Setting #2
Download PDF • 436KB

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