Joyous Kwanzaa

Our family has celebrated Kwanzaa for the last 5-6 years. Each year we try to add more elements to make it a memorable experience for everyone and we are so excited to share a few activities with you, this year.

About Kwanzaa

The relatively new holiday takes place annually from December 26 - January 1.

Kwanzaa Celebrates African heritage, unity, and culture. It was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga, based on African harvest festival traditions from various parts of Africa, including West and Southeast Africa. Kwanzaa was first celebrated in 1966. What we love about Kwanzaa is the focus on Black excellence, heritage, and culture. Many Black Americans are not sure what country holds their roots, so the fact that Kwanzaa brings in multiple facets of African culture makes it beautiful to me.

We have created a list of items that you need to have an excellent Kwanzaa! For the first few years we did not have kinara. So we used paper candles and hung them on the wall. With young kids it was great, so if you don't have all the items you need just look around your home and make due! Fire and kids make me nervous so it worked out. My children are a little older now so we can light the candles but don't worry if you don't have the items. Here is a link to a paper kinara that you can color daily.

Kwanzaa is celebrated daily for one week, but if your family can only commit to one day, that is okay, too. Make Kwanzaa your own.

We have 7 episodes lined up for you for the Kwanzaa season! You can listen to our podcast on almost all podcasting platforms so tune in daily to have some fun and learn a little more.

We have some free Kwanzaa worksheets that we would like to share. We only ask two things-- If you share them please give us credit! We are a small company and we work really hard to bring you materials for free. Secondly, we ask that you follow us on Instagram at @hey_black_child_podcast.

Kwanzaa WorkSheets (1)
Download PDF • 1.53MB

Worksheets and activities for the family to use during the week of Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa Printable cards_updated
Download PDF • 249KB

Daily printable cards with Kwanzaa principles.

Happy Kwanzaa!

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