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As I type this we are just hours away from the last voting day in the United States. To say the stress is high is an understatement. We will go to bed tonight unsure about what tomorrow will hold, but we will also go to bed tonight with a firm belief that we told our kids the truth about racism in American and we told them that one of the best ways to engage in the process is through voting.

We are going to host an election night party with the kids that will include an envious spread of food, games, education, and love. We will not have an episode this week, but we encourage everyone to listen to our VOTE episode. It will help start the conversation about democracy with your family. We have also created a few additional resources for you and your family.

Voting swag has become a part of American elections. Use these templates to design your own personalized buttons!


As always, all these items are free to print, but we ask that you do not reproduce, sell or pass as your own.

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Okay, back to the files, remember this election is about

The link below contains--

  • -Make Your Own Buttons

  • -Campaign Poster Template

  • -Electoral College Coloring Map

  • -Election Vocabulary Worksheet

  • -Barack Obama Coloring Page (Because why not)

  • -Campaign Speech Template

  • -How to Talk to Your Child About the Election

If I Were President... (1)
Download PDF • 744KB

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