Hey Black Child: The Podcast |  Season Two


Episode 1


The P.O.L.E.

Join Avery and Jackson as they work through words that have been hearing all summer. Race, Ethnicity, and Microaggressions.
Special Guest: Christina Brown

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Dollar Bill in Jar

Episode 4


Banking While Black

Avery and Jackson explore banking and share tips on how to find Black banks. 

Special Guests: 2 Super Smart Bros

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Episode 7


Who Runs the World!?

Avery and Jackson invite some guests to talk about Black women that have changed the game! Starting with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris!

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Track and Field Athlete

Episode 10


Bigger Than Sports!

Avery and Jackson talk sports and the athletes that raised a fist, took a knee, broke barriers, and spoke out.

Special Guest Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Wineberg  

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Episode 2


The Divine Nine: History Makers!

Avery and Jackson learn about Black Greek Lettered Organizations and the contributions they have made to society.

Special Guest: Members of the D9

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Go Vote Flyers

Episode 5


Vote Vote Vote

We decided to change it up for this one episode and encourage people to vote.  History is being made right now!

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Episode 8


The Arts!

Avery and Jackson teamed up with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Phi Psi Omega Chapter to talk about the arts and expose our listeners to people that have paved the way! 

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Listening to baby's lungs

Episode 3


The Color of Medicine 

Black people have made huge contributions to the medical field. Leard about pioneers and inventions from the Black pioneers.

Special Guest: Dr. Nasrien Ibrahim

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Episode 6


Sacred Ground

Avery and Jackson learned about segregated cemeteries in the United States and the history of one right in their backyard. 

Special Guest: The United States Senator Sherrod Brown

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Outdoor Dinner

Episode 9


The Truth About Thanksgiving!

Just because some history is hard to hear, that does not mean we don't listen. Just because we were not there does not mean that we are not accountable. This week Avery and Jackson talk about Thanksgiving. 

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