Hey Black Child: The Podcast |  Season Four

Black and Grey Spinning Cool and Funky C
Playing a Drum

Episode 1


Mother Africa

Many Black Americans feel connected to Africa. We wanted to share some of the rich histories that the land has to offer. 


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Burst of Light

Episode 4


Finding Your Light: Mental Health 

Avery and Jackson learn a little more about mental health! 

Special guests: Dr. C. Brooks and her daughter Gabby!  


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Cowboy at the Rodeo

Episode 2


Color Me Cowboy 

Avery and Jackson share information about Black cowboys who braved the west in search of freedom! 


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Happy Moves

Episode 5


The History of Juneteenth 

Have you heard of Juneteenth? Learn how the holiday got started and a few ways you can celebrate with your family! 


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Stage Curtains

Episode 3


Black Broadway  

Avery and Jackson explore the history of Black Americans on Broadway. 


Special Guest: Torie Wilkins

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Happy Moves

Episode 6


Money Moves

Avery and Jackson learn about money and what to do when you get it! 

Special Guest: Lawrence Cain Jr. From Abundance University 

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